David Bowie and being yourself

black STAR

It would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday a few days ago and I’m sitting here listening to a Spotify playlist in his honour. He was an artist who has inspired me immensely for his abilities as a musician and performer, and also as someone who never apologized for being himself.

It’s probably not a coincidence that I’m now compelled to write something – thank goodness!

I am a freelancer who is currently ‘working from home’. In the full time employed world this is known as ‘holiday’, in the acting world it is often referred to as ‘resting’ and for a lot of people it is known as ‘unemployment’.

Whatever we call our free time, I know that it is much more valuable time for me when I feel inspired. When I say ‘inspired’, I mean feeling moved by something – feeling excited, feeling motivated and compelled to action.

There’s something beyond the desire to be a well-rounded dynamic and positive human being (qualities which we are told are good to aspire to) that lends itself to wildness, spontaneity and release. There’s a sense of freedom and flow that comes from feeling emotionally moved, and something beyond the practical that calls to us as living beings, it calls to us an animals and calls to us as the individuals we are. It also (conveniently), enables us to perform at our best – at work, at home or wherever we happen to be.

The courage required to ‘speak up’ is something I have considered many times (particularly working as a trainer and coach in the field of communication), and it occurs to me that many people (myself included), don’t want to speak up and show ourselves for the people we really are.

The truth as I see it today, a few days on from David Bowie’s 70th birthday, is that none of us need to apologise for who we are. Not only need we not apologize for who we are, but we could also consider embracing it.

David Bowie embraced who he was, and he rocked.  RIP.