Deliver a message | Speak confidently | Engage people | Be authentic | Communicate well | Control my nerves | Be compelling | Inspire and excite

We help individuals and organizations deliver powerful public speaking and presentations.
We use the heart and the head to help you excel at what you do.
We are performers and we help people communicate.


About Us

Performer is a result of years of collaboration between arts and business professionals who have decades of experience in business and professional entertainment. We work with individuals and organizations to help people communicate more effectively. We are Performers who deliver and we care about our audience. We are only as good as our last gig and the show doesn’t go on without us.

Why do we perform? Because we love it. Because we are driven. Because we come from professional acting backgrounds and are trained to perform in front of people.

What do we mean by performance? People who perform professionally. People who need to communicate with other people in order to do their job. People who deliver messages, perform tasks and have standards to meet.

I’m Justine Marriott and I run PerformerI love connecting arts and business and helping people perform well. I have worked for over twenty years as an actor, corporate trainer & role player and theatre company manager. I am passionate about the power of personal & professional development

I am a certified Speaking Circles Facilitator and Equity member and I am CIPD qualified. I specialize in presentation and communication skills training and coaching, authentic public speaking, corporate role-play and interactive drama based training.


Authentic communication workshop

Authentic communication – Beulah festival AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP WITH JUSTINE Saturday 8TH JULY 2017 10-12 am BEULAH FESTIVAL, LIME TREE FARM, NR RIPON HG4 3DA Come and join us at beautiful Beulah …

Stage Fright Workshop

  STAGE FRIGHT WORKSHOP WITH JUSTINE Thursday 8th June 2017 6-8.30pm BIRMINGHAM REPERTORY THEATRE An active, lively and fun corporate workshop using skills from professional theatre.  Plenty of group work and practical exercises …

David Bowie and being yourself

It would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday a few days ago and I’m sitting here listening to a Spotify playlist in his honour. He was an artist who has …